Enhanced Search Experience for Google Pixel 8 Users

Enhanced Search Experience for Google Pixel 8 Users

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People with Google Pixel 8 phones are happy because they now have a cool feature called Circle to Search. This clever search tool uses smart AI technology to make searching easier.

Pixel 8 Users Excited

Those who use Pixel 8 phones are talking about this new feature. Some have already got it, while others are waiting. The Circle to Search thing was first on Samsung Galaxy S24, but now Pixel 8 users also get to enjoy it.

What Does Circle to Search Do?

Circle to Search uses smart AI to look for things on your screen. You just draw a circle around something, and it shows you Google search results. It’s way easier than the old method of taking a screenshot, leaving the app, and looking for the picture.

Easy Text Search and How to Use It

You can even search for specific text without typing it. Just highlight the text, do the Circle to Search thing, and it shows you what you want. To use it, press and hold the home button or navigation bar, draw a circle around what you want to search, and see the results.

Search for Many Things at Once

The cool part is you can search for lots of things at the same time. Circle a bunch of objects, and it shows you options related to all of them. For example, if you like someone’s outfit in a social media picture, circle the clothes, and it finds similar stuff.

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Will It Come to More Phones?

Right now, it’s only on Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S24. We’re not sure if it will be on other phones. But if you don’t have it, and you have Google Assistant, you can use the “Search My Screen” thing, which is kind of similar.

In Short

Circle to Search is a cool new feature for Pixel 8 users. It makes searching for things smart and fun without leaving your app. If you have a Pixel 8, you’re in for a better search experience!

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