Hide and Unhide Apps on Your iPhone

Easy Steps to Hide and Unhide Apps on Your iPhone 2024

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Keeping your iPhone organized and private is essential. This guide will show you simple ways to hide and unhide individual apps or entire pages on your iPhone, ensuring a clutter-free and personalized experience.

Hiding Individual Apps:

If you want to discreetly hide specific apps, here’s a quick process:

  1. Hold down on the app icon you want to hide.
  2. Tap “Remove App” and choose “Remove from Home Screen.”

Remember, although the app disappears from your home screen, it can still be found in the App Library and through searches.

Apps on Your iPhone

Hiding Entire App Pages:

For a cleaner home screen with only your essential apps:

  1. Hold down the Search button until your app icons start shaking.
  2. Tap the dots at the bottom to see all home screen pages.
  3. Uncheck the page with apps you want to hide.
  4. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner.

Now, those pages won’t clutter your home screen. To bring them back, follow the same steps and check the circle.

Hiding Entire App Pages

Preventing App Searches:

To ensure your apps stay hidden even during searches:

  1. Open Settings, go to Siri & Search, and choose the app.
  2. Turn off “Show App in Search.”

While this hides the app from searches, it stays on your device. If you need more space, consider deleting the app.

If you use an Android phone, take a look at our guide on how to hide apps.

Unhiding or Finding Hidden Apps:

All hidden apps, whether from the home screen or search, can be accessed in the App Library:

  1. Scroll right on your home screen to find the App Library.
  2. Look for the hidden app by scrolling or using the search bar.
  3. To access the app, tap it. To unhide, tap, hold, drag left, and release on your desired spot.
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If Siri & Search hid the app, follow the same steps to make it searchable again.


With these simple tricks, you can customize your iPhone effortlessly. For added security, consider Avast One, a free app featuring a Web Shield, VPN, and secure photo vault. Download Avast One now for a safer and more personalized iPhone experience.

  1. How can I hide apps on my iPhone?
    • There are a few methods. You can create folders, use the App Library, or leverage iOS restrictions to hide apps.
  2. Can I hide individual apps on my iPhone without using folders?
    • Yes, you can hide individual apps by utilizing the App Library or disabling them from appearing in searches.
  3. What happens when I hide an app using folders?
    • The app icon disappears from the home screen but remains accessible in the App Library or through a search.
  4. Is there a way to hide an entire page of apps on my iPhone?
    • Yes, you can hide an entire page of apps by adjusting your home screen settings.
  5. Can I unhide an app after I’ve hidden it?
    • Yes, you can unhide an app by accessing the App Library and dragging the app icon back to your home screen.
  6. What is the App Library, and how can I use it to find hidden apps?
    • The App Library is a feature that organizes all your apps. You can access it by swiping right on your home screen.
  7. Is there a way to hide apps from iPhone searches?
    • Yes, you can prevent apps from appearing in searches by adjusting Siri & Search settings.
  8. If I hide an app, does it save storage on my iPhone?
    • Hiding an app doesn’t free up storage. To do that, you need to delete the app.
  9. Can I hide pre-installed Apple apps on my iPhone?
    • No, you cannot hide pre-installed Apple apps.
  10. How do I unhide apps that I’ve hidden from searches?
    • You can unhide apps from searches by adjusting Siri & Search settings for each app.
  11. Are there third-party apps for hiding other apps on the iPhone?
    • There might be third-party apps, but it’s recommended to use built-in iOS features for security.
  12. Can I hide apps on my iPad using the same methods?
    • Yes, the methods for hiding apps on an iPad are generally the same as on an iPhone.
  13. Does hiding an app affect its functionality or notifications?
    • No, hiding an app doesn’t affect its functionality or its ability to send notifications.
  14. Can I hide apps on my iPhone without a passcode?
    • Yes, you can hide apps without a passcode, but using a passcode adds an extra layer of security.
  15. What happens if I delete an app instead of hiding it?
    • Deleting an app removes it from your device, freeing up storage, but you’ll need to reinstall it to use it again.
  16. Can I hide apps on older iPhone models?
    • Yes, you can hide apps on older iPhone models using similar methods as on newer models.
  17. Is hiding apps a secure way to protect sensitive information?
    • It adds a layer of privacy, but for enhanced security, consider using a secure app or folder.
  18. Can I hide apps without using the App Library feature?
    • Yes, you can hide apps without using the App Library by creating folders or adjusting Siri & Search settings.
  19. Are there any limitations to hiding apps on an iPhone?
    • Hiding apps is more about organization and privacy; however, it won’t provide absolute security.
  20. Can I hide apps without affecting the overall performance of my iPhone?
    • Yes, hiding apps doesn’t impact the performance of your iPhone. It’s a visual and organizational preference.
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